Moving Out of the Country? Work with the Experts

Moving from one country to another is much more complex that a local or in-country move. Often, depending on the destination, multiple types of transport will be required to get your belongings from point A to point B. It is crucial to ensure that you understand the unique issues related to an international move, so that you will not encounter any unexpected roadblocks to completing your move.

The best way to handle your move is to hire professional, experienced international movers in Canada, who have expertise in managing the complexities of an international move, and who can strategically plan and execute your move. How to find them? Trust All Canadian Moving VanLines! Simply fill out our quick quote form with the details of your move and receive several free, no-obligation quotes in minutes, from reputable movers who know just how to handle an international move.

Few tips to consider when undertaking an international move include:
Thorough Planning

Lead time is key, so that all details of the move can be arranged. The good news is, one you have decided on your moving date, your professional international movers will arrange most of the details for you, taking much of the planning off your shoulders.

The Destination

You moving destination is a big factor in how your move will be completed. Will your move be from Canada to the USA? Or will it require air or shipping transport? Obviously if you are moving an ocean away, there will be multiple modes of transport required, including truck and cargo ship or plane.

Proper Packing

Throwing your things in boxes and loading them on a truck may be fine for a quick move down the street, but for an international move, proper packing in transport-ready packaging is essential, both for keeping your belongings well-protected and for making them manageable for streamlined transport.

Security and Insurance

With any move, there is always the potential for loss or damage, but more so with an international move. Choosing reputable international movers, who have an established, trusted network to complete you move is important, but you must also ensure that your move is covered by adequate insurance.

Management & Communication

An international move can provoke a lot of anxiety, so dealing with a well-established international moving team, who provide outstanding service and capable management of all the details of your move, as well as keep you informed with regular communication will set your mind at ease.